Thursday, October 10, 2013

What to Do and not to Do when you are feeling "bleh"

Hi folks!

I am sure at times we would be feeling "bleh" or feeling under the weather. It can felt like a bad hair day or even get up on the wrong side of bed. Ever had this feeling?

I do sometime, just like the weather when it becomes all cloudy.

And I learnt what are the things to do and NOT TO DO during this moody period.

What to DO:

1.       Order takeaway or delivery.

2.       Do nothing but lie on the bed and rest/listen to music/ read your favourite recipe books or anything with lotsa graphics like women/fashion/decor magazines. This is definitely not a good time to read lotsa text! At least not for me. None of those text will enter my brain for processing at such "mood".

3.       Smile and do not answer the kids' queries or even tantrums. It can mean disaster as we are not in the right frame of mind. Try to delay answering by asking them to give you some thinking moment.

4.       Exercise/take shower/take a stroll in the park

5.       Close my eyes and practice deep breathing for at least 10mins.

6.       Write your journal (like what I am doing now). Express, record and embrace that moment of bleh.


1.       Explain things to the kids/Pass on the negative vibes to the kids/people around you.

2.       Cooking. The food will not be edible and might end up in bins (at least for me).

3.       Make any important decision.

4.       Shopping. (YES! Retail Therapy might go backfire with impulse buying). However, window shopping is fine as long as anything attracted your eyes are simply in wishlist /shopping cart without payment/order made :P

5.       Driving. (If you can avoid it. I find myself unable to make clear and right decision to decide on the routes to take/destination to go).

Now, tell me what would you do & not do during your moments of "bleh"… I felt better…thanks for listening & sharing your moment with me :D



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