Friday, November 1, 2013

Lessons learnt

Hi folks!

Do you ever experience a second "mishaps" and found yourself regretting for not take counter-measure after the first experience so that the mishap do not reoccur?

Sigh...I am truly regretful now...but what to do..I am at fault for not taking action after suffering the first round.

Today I got stucked at the staircase once more when my company's lift under maintenance(yet again!) during lunch time..which means there's absolutely no one at all I could cry for help to access the "pumping" room floor.

I waited there for 30mins.(exceeded my pumping time) for the staff to return from their lunch break before I could make a quick dash to "relieve" myself and complete my "task". Precious hour lost. Pumping schedule wrecked.

What can I say? sigh...

So, this time round I took down the staff's contact number and next pondering if I should inform the HR and get their assistance....for the next lift breakdown/repair downtime..

During the mishaps, I also met some "other" staff who yet again stubbornly advised me to use other staircases(which I have tried going round and round during the first mishaps and know it leads to nowhere, sweating...). This time round, I sticked to my first ordeal or experience and said No thank you. I've tried it and it doesn't work. Thank you.

Sigh.......sometimes during call of distress, it makes me wonder how do I react to assist others. We can only reflect upon ourselves and learn from the mistakes. It's easier to manage ourselves than to expect from others.

Cheers and I am going to note down all other pumping moms contact no. this time so that we can all help out each other during the next "mishaps" as I think I am not the only one who had difficulties accessing the "pumping" room cos by the time when I finally able to enter the floor and the room, it's unusually quiet and empty. I am sure there are moms who got stucked too...somewhere..and it's definitely not a comfortable experience if you know how "full" and uncomfortable it can be when we exceeded the pumping time...(that only a pumping mom would know!)


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