Friday, February 1, 2013

Dinner tonight: DIY Fried Rice

Hehe..had some leftover rice this afternoon so made myself a full of yummy ingredients but less rice fried rice ..yum...

Kon Lou Egg Noodles with mushroom balls and baby French beans

Hi folks! Made this for dinner for two when KY is requesting for Maggie Mee Curry...trying to negotiate something healthier and yes!! Succeeded! She loves this dish she fondly call it Egg noodles! ;) fast to cook good to eat!

Stir-fry potatoes,mushroom and French bean noodles

Hi folks!

I saw these baby French beans at the market and KY absolutely loves it. Thus I try mix in that with the noodles and her favourite potatoes and mushroom. Yum..

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spring-cleaning? Got things for recycle?

Dear All,

I am using the service from for my recent spring-cleaning and recycling effort. Instead of paying the transport people RM10 to take my old washing machine away, I got paid for MYR10 (if i redeem the points for Jusco voucher ;D ) for recycling my washing machine! And am looking forward to use their service again for my spring-cleaning. Have managed to clear away two boxes of papers and books for recycling as well as some glass bottles and plastic bottles during the weekend spring-cleaning.

If you are interested to do your bit for the nature and earn some points for your "unwanted" recyclables, do register yourself! They offer door-to-door pickup, a plus point especially for those who staying in apartment or condos. 

Items you can send for recycling:
  • Electronic goods
  • Papers (books, tetrapak, etc)
  • Glass Bottles
  • Plastic Bottles
  • etc (check out the site for more details)
Let's discard our unwanted stuff eco-consciously rather than deserting(illegally and uncivic-mindedly) by the roadside. Your kind and considered deed may give another lease of life for others and for the nature!

(Note: You may quote my referral ID (RR2B9965T7) when you register and recycle :) and you may get your friend to quote your ID too when they sign up...we can all help to spread the recycling habits around and earn some points for the effort ;) )

Monday, January 28, 2013

Kids stress busters activities

Hi folks!

Do you find that kids nowadays are easily or equally stressed-out? I find that in KY, the usual happy-go-lucky and fun-loving gal she is..I find her suddenly getting rather uptight about getting her homework done before she sleep(despite having some to finish off in the morning as she studied in afternoon session). And once she forgot to bring her book back from school, she gets so uptight saying this subject teacher is very fierce and will cane students who do not pass up their books....I kinda pity them..and thus from time to time would have a round of or try to think of some stress buster activities for them. Here are my list care to share yours? ;)

Kids stress buster activities
1. Baking
2. Run about at playground
3. Cycling
4. Swimming
5. Blow bubbles
6. Water gun shooting
7. Reading
8. Singing along with music
9. Dancing
10. Jumping on trampoline

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