Monday, January 28, 2013

Kids stress busters activities

Hi folks!

Do you find that kids nowadays are easily or equally stressed-out? I find that in KY, the usual happy-go-lucky and fun-loving gal she is..I find her suddenly getting rather uptight about getting her homework done before she sleep(despite having some to finish off in the morning as she studied in afternoon session). And once she forgot to bring her book back from school, she gets so uptight saying this subject teacher is very fierce and will cane students who do not pass up their books....I kinda pity them..and thus from time to time would have a round of or try to think of some stress buster activities for them. Here are my list care to share yours? ;)

Kids stress buster activities
1. Baking
2. Run about at playground
3. Cycling
4. Swimming
5. Blow bubbles
6. Water gun shooting
7. Reading
8. Singing along with music
9. Dancing
10. Jumping on trampoline

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