Friday, October 18, 2013

Child Safety Roadshow Campaign, 14-20 Oct 2013

Hi folks!

Have you heard of Graco? I have learnt about this brand even before becoming a mom myself.

Yesterday, I have the opportunity to attend a Child Safety Roadshow Campaign launched by Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd, the distributor of Aprica and Graco products. 

The Child Safety Roadshow Campaign is held from 14th to 20th October 2013 in Mid Valley Megamall, with the theme, "MAKING SAFETY YOUR CHILD’S COMPANION – INDOOR AND OUTDOOR"
At the roadshow, it showcased a line of Aprica and Graco child safety car seats, strollers, baby carriers and travel systems, all are specifically designed in line with much care and thought on the principles of paediatrics and childcare engineering to enhance childcare and create a fun family life.

During the roadshow, I have the chance to listen to Yvonne Wong, Senior Business Unit Manager, Baby Division, Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd explaining on the Aprica 838 Concept.(Refer table below)

Aprica’s 8.3.8 Principle

‘The Reason Behind the Smile’ which forms the basis of Aprica’s products development
8 Babies’ Immaturity in Body to be Protected
3 Baby’s Emotional Growth to be Encouraged
8 Medical Structures to Protect and Nurture Baby’s Body and Mind
1.       Heavy head and unstable neck
2.       Unstable respiratory function
3.       Straight backbone, high risk for hip dislocation
4.       Undeveloped thermoregulation
5.       Unstable sleep pattern
6.       Weak skin barrier function
7.       Undeveloped sensory function
8.       Undeveloped immune system
1.       “Relationship of trust” nurtured by physical contact.
2.       “Curiosity” developed by stimulation of five senses.
3.       “Communication ability” fostered by everyone’s smile.

1.       Lay down a baby on a flat bed.
2.       Put any restriction on a baby’s head and neck
3.       Keep natural posture according to a baby’s growth.
4.       Provide comfortable breathability and hydrothermal environment
5.       Protect a baby from dust and harmful substances
6.       Reduce shock and uncomfortable vibration
7.       Ensure a baby’s natural sleep and life rhythm
8.       Support communication with a baby

It makes me wow by so much studies, research, testing which have been done to ensure our children's safety and comfort.

From left to right is Gwei, Kwan and Tee posing with Aprica and Graco

Gwei Tze-Co is the Managing DirectorKinderdijk Sdn Bhd
Kinderdijk Sdn Bhd was founded in 2003 and it is the distributor for world renowned brand such as Philips Avent, Hauck, Graco, Aprica, Himalaya, Nosefrida.

Jenny KwanSenior Sales Manager, Hong Kong & ASEAN, Newell Rubbermaid Asia Pacific
Tee Seng Thien, Sales Manager, ASEAN, Newell Rubbermaid (M) Sdn Bhd
Newell Rubbermaid is a global marketer of leading brands, including Rubbermaid®, Sharpie®, Graco®, Calphalon®, Irwin®, Lenox®, Levolor®, Paper Mate®, Dymo®, Waterman®, Parker®, Goody®, Rubbermaid Commercial Products® and Aprica®.

Graco was founded in 1953 when it invented the world's first wind-up infant swing, introduced the Pack N' Play Portable Playards in 1987, followed by introducing the Travel System which allow parents to quickly click a car seat into and out of a stroller. This is the plus point i see in their innovation for  juvenile products.

Aprica is the No. 1 selling baby brand in Japan  with its proprietary technology in lightweight strollers and car seats with its expansion distribution to the United States, bringing the brand to families internationally.

Overall, I learnt a lot not just about these two leading brands of baby products, but also about the technology behind the innovation of children products. It helps me in making a better and more well-informed choices of baby product for my children and what are the basic safety features we must keep a lookout when looking for baby products and of course practice safety guidelines whenever we are travelling with our children.

Folks, if you are interested to find out more about children safety or the two famous brands, do dropby the roadshow at Midvalley.

Cheers and have a safe and smiling weekend!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hi folks!

My roommate used to tell me how fortunate it is to have siblings, more so if you have sisters whom you can share secret with. She's coming from a single parent and has no siblings of her own. Many times she would longed for sisters who could share secret and "sharing of duty" of taking care of her mom.

I have an older sister who's merely 1 yr+ older than me. Being the eldest in our family, I used to disobey her. She's the authoritative who many times, I felt intolerable due to her ways of "controlling"(at least that's what I thought of in my teens) what and where I should be studying and staying after SPM.

She is very protective of me, being her younger sister I guess, thus she kind of want to guide me so that I don't walk on the path she felt she had walked on and regretted.

However, the rebel in me ever felt so suffocating that I find it hard to follow what she has planned. Thus, at one time..we started to drift apart. I no longer wanted to hear what she says, more so follow her plan.

I just felt so liberating to be able to work out my OWN plan and do what I wanted to.

Few years down the road, when both of us have kids of our own, my sister mellowed down a lot ever since she got married. Ever so protective and caring of her siblings, you can see her appearing in my house while i was heavily pregnant, while i was juggling 3 kids on my own(during the absence of my hubby at times due to engagement with some duties at work and off work), taking my kids off for some holiday to free her younger sister some free time to breathe.

One weekend, she brought her kids and mine to visit one of the historical monument with my parents when my hubby and I had to attend an event. Praise her, after that she would bring the kids back to my house and voila..guess what she did, she would clean the dirty dishes and mop my floor so that when I am back home, or awake, I would find my house clean and able to rest. Now, it reminds me of girl guide story comes to life!

That's my sister, ever so caring in her own ways...she's the one I always turn to for advice on certain things especially on route and direction as she knew best which are the route her easily-lost sister knows...she's my best GPS and cheerleader. Always full of solutions...and ideas..

When there are things we can't tell our parents, our hubby, our good friends, we know we can always count on each others' shoulder to cry on...

Thus, it is indeed a blessings to have a sister! I truly hope I could be one to my own daughter since she's without any sister to call her own...but she would have her cousins and her brothers with her :)

That's one of the plus point having more than one child I worth all the sacrifices after all...the best gift we could ever give to our child..that is the close kinship of siblinghood!

Do you have the kind of close relationship with your siblings who shared the same childhood memories, stories, favourite food and places to visit when young?

Cherish them, keep in touch and be each other pillar of strength. We can't live in isolation :)


Monday, October 14, 2013

Simple Lunch Pack during rush hour and downtime

That simple meals made during "bleh" time can be so awesomely soothing and satisfying!

Hi folks!

During one of the time of the month where I am not feeling my best.....

I made these for my lunch, bow-tie pasta+hard boiled egg, drizzles with Italian seasonings(mix herbs, lemon-infused etxra virgin olive oil, Braggs Liquid aminos, seasalt). 

So yummy...and easy to prepare..who knew minimal ingredients can be taste so goo! Authentic and basic!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Laundry can wait

Hi folks!

Landry can wait, dinner can wait awhile more..dishes can wait too...for a sleepy baby who cries to be carried and sooth cos tis moment never be back in few years time..cherish every moments with young ones :)