Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hi folks!

I believe most of us heard about work-life-balance. Some companies promoted that, some companies advertised it but does not adopt or practice or at least what one of the company director told me, oh it does not apply for Malaysia Branch office. much so of being  a MNC but hardly practice the same standard as their HQ.

When I read how some parents in other countries (especially Western countries) able to arrange their working hour to start off early (start work at 6.30am) and thus able to leave work early at 2.30pm. It makes me green with envy. When will such system being practiced in Malaysia?

For now, I can only dream for it or be my own boss…DH when will you hire me to work at home for the position- HOUSEWIFE? Lol..Doraemon, any tools for me to handle/ease my current busy and hectic lifestyle?

Truly, all the daily rushing from one place to the other has really taken its toll on me. Not to mentioned the hectic rush at work. Most of the tasks I handle need precision (which task and which profession doesn’t require that! Tell me..please! haha) yet we often need to perform it with very little time thus create more stress and rush.

I can only pray that I can handle the marathon I am running now or pray that I’ll be given to run at another about a relay so that there’re people taking over after I finished giving my best shot? Or what about the marathon rest station, where are they?
Hiring companies, the only thing that will attract me now besides a better pay would be a more flexible working job environment. One which allows me to work from home as and when I don’t need to be in the physical office (thus I escape from the daily rush and jam) and able to complete my task more efficiently and timely!

Any such job vacancies available? Do alert me if you have one!

Cheers towards my Work-Life-Balance goal /dream for this year!

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transformed housewife said...

I can understand how hard it is to get the balance. For now, just try your best to juggle between the two and pray for the better option in the future.