Friday, February 21, 2014

Be Still..Not Yet

Hi folks!

Lately, not sure if I am over excited of the impending change or simply I was too tired wih DH not feeling well and no expecting him to help with household chores...I am having sleepless nights...which I hardly do except during pregnant time. I would usually fall to the moment I hit he pillow so much as when I try to put the kids to bed..I actually slept before them

Thus I been trying to make a hot drink, do deep bragging exercise, do some massage..nothing works thus turning to reading some inspirational article.

Here's one I just's from a newsletter I subscribed since my college times...filled with lovely stories and poems that's heart-warming and thought-provoking..after so many years they are still updating the site..lovely..

Here you go:

Be Still

Sometimes I ask the question,
"My Lord, is this your will?"
It's then I hear you answer me,
"My Precious Child... be still."

Sometimes I feel frustrated,
Cause I think I know what's best.
It's then I hear you say to me,
"My Busy Child... just rest"

"I know the plans I have for you,
The wondrous things you'll see;
If you can just be patient, Child,
And put your trust in me.

I've plans to draw you closer.
I've plans to help you grow.
There's much I do you cannot see
And much you do not know.

But know this, Child ..... I LOVE YOU.
You are Precious unto Me.
Before I formed you in the womb,
I planned your destiny.

I've something very special
I hope for you to learn.
The gifts I wish to give to you
Are gifts you cannot earn.

They come without a price tag,
But not without a cost;
At Calvary, I gave Myself,
So You would not be lost.

Rest, Child, and do not weary
Of doing what is good.
I promise I'll come back for you
Just like I said I would.

Your name is written on my palm,
I never could forget;
Therefore, do not be discouraged when
My answer is... "Not Yet"

Author Unknown


P.S: Please note that this site seems to be filled with lots of Christian stories, though I am not a

Christian per say, I love to relate it to my own offense to those who aren't receptive/not relating to the teaching.

In short, read/visit the site at your own will. Thanks :)

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