Friday, February 21, 2014

Countdown begins

Hi folks!

As I ponder on closing the current chapter to embark another journey in life, I thought it hard and long.

Then as bomb and sparks came along.... It made me defenseless with no more time to hesitate, push me to a corner to make the decision and grab the opportunity that presents itself.

When I finally decided to close the chapter, it's definitely not easy. There's a sense of relief yet also a sense of uncertainties, guilt, indecisiveness and mixed feelings...of joy and fear.

Then, now finally it's a's time to move on. It's time to cherish every last moment to spend the time well with colleagues and bosses, with the job I both loved & hated. Love when it made a difference, hated it when it becomes unappreciated, tedious, under-valued, overlooked and time-consuming.

When I left my then job, I left in a hurry. No time to bid farewell, etc. nevertheless the team is close & small. We've spent enough time together building a close rapport.

As for now, I would like to plan/choose how I like to End the chapter here.

I like to meet up for lunch with more different colleagues and people who have made a significant difference in my working life.

I like to chat more with those people I yet to have chance to.

Lastly I like to clear off the task the best I could so that my teammate who'll be back from her maternity break will not be overwhelmed with mountains of work and pressure.

30 more days to go. Just like "Tuesday with Morrie", I want to pen down my journey even before I leave this company.

Let the countdown begins ;)


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