Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Home-cooked meals

Hi folks!

I remembered when I was pregnant with KY, i craved for my mom's cooking. My mom was staying down south then, not possible to eat her cooking unless we make the 4 hours trip home.

Now both my parents have moved nearer to us, occasionally she will cook up a feast like in the picture(birthday celebration of my sister!). Yummy..simple meal with lots of love.

Wonder with modern busy hectic lifestyle,what will the next generation recall of their favorite meals? Will it be the fast food instead? MCD, KFC..etc?

Although it's no easy feat for us working moms to still prepare dinner after working whole day long, it builds up memories for the children not to mention it's healthier, more time-saving & economical to eat at home. More time-saving for us is due to each trip we might end up taking turns to eat in a rush with baby on tow. Thus doubled the time. Thus it takes up precious time for the kids to shower, do homework, etc as by the time we reached home after meal will be close to 9pm.

Another good point of cooking at home is mommy gets to always think and experiment with new recipes. The other day while pumping, we chat on our tips how to quickly get the dinner ready after we reached home :)

Do you have any tips to share? Any sure-win recipes with the children?

Love to hear from you all!


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