Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why does outside food seems tastier?

Hi folks!

I have a DH whom loves to eat out. Anytime I am tired and no time to cook/buy ingredient to cook, he would suggest eating out. During our dating time, we would visit different vegetarian eateries at every corner of Klang Valley. He won't mind traveling close to 40minutes to Klang just to have his favorite Roti John.

For me, though I am used to and fond of eating at home, I also join him/influence by his foodie adventures. Indifferent perspective, I love to savor, try different food and see how it is prepared that is so yummy and looks yummy too. Presentation as well as the seasoning/gravies plays a major role. Then I would pickup from there and try to replicate one at home lolx. That's the plus point of eating out for me ;) my culinary adventures and improvement.

With the cost arising, do you still eat out as often? When I did our yearly budgeting review, I found out that the amount we spent per meal is equal to the weekly marketing expenses for our household. Thus I told DH if possible we just eat out during weekend/special occasion. Yea, weekend kitchen closed when mommy prepare ingredient for weekday cooking! ;)
Plus, more time to savor the food when we aren't in a rush ;)

What about you? When do you eat out?


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