Friday, July 18, 2014


Hi folks!

Had a shocked and wave of sadness early this morning when I read a message on my phone sharing about the Malaysia Airlines aircraft MH17 which was shot down near the airspace of Ukraine.

For more updated news, you may like to check here:

Just when the MH370 missing aircraft in March 2014 still unsettled, we have another unfortunate event with MH17.

Really need to repent and repent...if any of my own eruption of anger or temper causes any negative qi...

RIP to all the 15 crew members of MH17 as well as the 290++ passengers..sad day indeed for many Malaysians as well as family members of the passengers and crew.

Inspired by my fellow colleague who made a vow to keep a vegetarian diet for his mom's health, I would like to dedicate my most difficult challenge that is to keep tab on my temper (at kids or at road) all times...

May I generate more calmness and peacefulness rather than unsettling hearts and impatience from now onwards.

Have a reflectful and peaceful everyone!

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