Saturday, December 27, 2014

Carefree childhood

Hi folks!
A late Christmas 🎄 greetings to all who are celebrating!

It's school holidays for a couple of days more..and while the kids spending some time with their grandparents (I love this shot which immediately brings me to the word "carefree")...which is kinda deprived for kids especially those staying in city.

This holiday I have been spending most time indoor and in bed..was down with severe headache and fever after two kids down with fever one after another.

The bright side to it, I noticed my pimples have makes me wonder why they have appeared in the first place? Lack of sleep? Irregular bowel movement? Fried food? Insufficient fluid intake? Weather and harsh enclosed air condition in most offices? I think the first and the Las played a big part of it. I recalled after my 6-day hospital stay during my dengue time with enough rest and hydration with minimal exposure to outside air pollution and dust my cheeks actually became rosy for the first time in my life(not sure if I have any during baby time)!

Very grateful am happened to be staying with my parents when I suddenly felt really awful and sick on Christmas eve...and kids are well taken care of while I am fighting off the virus in bed..

Now, feeling bit better...with all the rest makes me awake at this hour and yearly reflection and what I hoped to improved on for coming year came upon me..will write them in another blog post.

Before that while checking my FB messages..saw an ex-colleague making a personal request for donation for his Kelantan kampung folks who are seriously affected by the flood..makes me no hesitation to contribute something too..which also makes me think why I would do so? Partly due to the scenes I saw on the news..and largely due to the trust I have on this friend of mine whom I know the fund will certainly be channeled fully and benefit the actual group who needs's. Quite saddening fact to admit how little trust people or just me have on those public donation drive which we aren't certainly sure how much of the amount will really go to the public who are in needs...this aside there are still people with conscience who will do what they should be doing..with God watching and our heart being our best alarm to remind us of anything which gone against our conscience.

Pray for more daily awakening to our everyday action and thoughts...pray for a better year to come...better resilience to face whatever coming and helping out each other to sail it through and enjoy the ride too!

Cheers and have a blessed New Year folks!

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