Saturday, December 27, 2014

Reflection Year 2014

Hi folks!

As the year comes to an end soon for 2014, it's time for reflection for me. A lot of changes happened to me, my family, my community, my country and around the world.

Let's start from myself and family..

2014 positive changes
1. Reduce hectic, rush-y, dinner-in-car/office lifestyle
Thanks to the sudden/necessary change of work, babysitter, transport arrangement

2. More home-cooked meals
Healthier and more time and cost-saving. Sit down meals is an opportunity to reconnect as a family(to be improved further on this part. DH has played a significant role on this as he reached home earlier than I did and chip in to heat up or prepare the dinner.

3. More sports( and hopefully less screen time)
Signed the kids up for swimming lessons thus kids and DH have their weekly sports activities. To be improved to include me and baby ZS.

4. More menu experiments
As I need to cook more now, thus more chance to do more research and experiment and discover more kids' approved meal...very glad to discover few recipes and freezer-friendly food like dhal, pizza have more varieties and hope to improve on the planning, budgeting, organizing and nutrition-savvy part of it.

5. Slowed down my pace while still doing the needy
Learnt to say No when needed to though the guilt is still there..need to learn to prioritize and learn from the reason why the need to say No. Understanding the Why of saying No will eradicate the guilt. E.g., doing the task for the sake of doing yet does not yield any positive impact or benefit to anyone. Learn to plan well, prioritise and make time for worthy cause and task. This is not to be selfish yet being naively selfless is not a heroic act to be applause too.

Throughout the adventures this year, I am thankful for the lessons learnt, opportunities given and people I am blessed to meet. What I hoped for the coming year is to give all my best in the task prioritized(either from me or the Creator). I would like to shamelessly asked help, strength and guidance from the Creator to show me the way when i am lost, down, misguided or lack of the power to carry on.

Thank you in advance for the lessons and learning adventures to come..

Have a blessed weekend everyone!


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