Saturday, June 6, 2015

10 minute yummy comfort food

Hi folks!

Often I found myself feeling hungry at wee hours after feeding the baby.

The temptation to reach out for instant noodles 🍜 is always there. But I found when I have ready-cut veggies and plenty of healthier option's often easier to steer away from the not-so-healthy convenience food..

Here's  my yummy macaroni in 10 minutes with mushroom, shredded carrots, kelps, a protein-based soy dumpling and pinch of sea salt...yummy 😋 warm comfort food is ready within 10 minutes while I put away the laundry and clean the dishes...multi-tasking mode...

Now time to savour the fruit of my 10 minutes labor. .Bon appetit!

Have a good weekend folks!

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