Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Reflection on Complaints and My Aspirations

Hi folks!

How was your long weekend break from the Merdeka (Malaysia National Day) day?

I had a very fruitful 3-day retreat and I would like to pen down the reflection and aspirations I have made during the retreat which I would like to implement for the rest of my days.

Reflection and Realisation

  1. Full of complains - I found that of late or i can say all these while I have been complaining a lot of people, events and things around me.
  • I complained when I had too much workload when i had to take over my colleague's work when she's away for 90 days maternity. I complained when the management did not manage to find someone to replace her temporary and i was told i couldn't get the other colleague to help due to different team. And guess what this happened in my previous company when I had to replace my boss' load when she's away for few weeks medical leave and i couldn't bear to transfer some load over to a heavily pregnant teammate. And I found the same incident reoccur even when i moved to another company. This must be a lessons I need to learn. I need to learn to appreciate the trust given (and don't waste time complaining or feeling sorry for myself) and just give my best to manage and be more organized and learn to prioritize as well. In fact, I found it was a rather great opportunity to be able to work closely with people i don't get to liaise with previously and thus gain new insights and new skills/knowledge as well. If only I stop complaining and smell the roses to experience the abundance of gift God wishes i could learn from this situation.
  • I complained and feel imbalance when I seems to have more housework or even financial loads at home while "everybody" else can chill out. But I've learnt the people who can contribute more is because they are blessed with more than others, thus they have the capacity to give more to others. And this is a gift from the Creator as well. So cherish it and give your best out.
  • I complained when I see injustice, cruel things or even inconsiderate drivers on the road (this must have been a daily routine!). All the news on radio, on the net, the drivers on the road can easily frustrates me. But, what can i and what should i do about it as contrast to just complaining? I only add on to the disharmony by having such negative qi. Thus, from now on, I  hope i would instead first have harmony deep within me, and then have harmonious heart to the things, event and people around me and to care for others and on the things around me. I felt this would be a better way to resolve all the negativity that's happening around me rather than simply doing nothing but complaining.
  • I complained when all the time I am being given to difficult/urgent task that i have to complete it anyhow, by pressing the pedal to full speed, by spending late nights, etc.
This is my first reflection and aspiration i have STOP COMPLAINING! And how do i go about doing it persistently...I found the antidote is by practicing HUMILITY. As we only start complaining when we feel a sense of "better than others" deep within us (agree or able to accept this or not). Thus, i need to practice humility to be aware that I am this human who is capable to make mistakes as well or i am no better than the others when i start to complain and only complain.

Hope i will improve.


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