Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Drinks that helps during hazy days

Hi folks!

Time to boost up our immune to combat or face the hazy days.

Here's some remedies shared from a friend ( I've brew my chrysanthemums tea..taste awesome!)

Remedies to ease the discomfort brought on by the haze and air polluton:

Step 1: in the morning, brew some chrysanthemum with a small slice of ginger and rock sugar for 15 minutes. Function : clear the heatiness and the irritation to the lungs.

Step 2: in the afteroon, boil barley water (use Chinese barley, those with black lines) with 2 slices of ginger, rock sugar for 40 minutes or more. Function: nourish the spleen, clear the heatiness, it's diuretic and is able to discharge harmful substances through the urine. Remember to put 1/2 slices of ginger, as chrysanthemums and barley have cooling properties, so ginger is added to protect the spleen and stomach's 'yang' (heat).

Another remedy is, boil green beans with slices of ginger and brown sugar.

Due to the severity of air pollution, cut down outdoor activities.

This is shared by TCM physician Zhong, please help us to share.

Thank you!
1方 : 早上冲泡菊花, 姜小片, 冰糖. 冲泡15分钟就可喝。分量多少随你喜欢。
功能 ,清散风热,减少烟雾对肺部的刺激。
2方: 下午煮喝薏米水(中国薏米 有黑线的 )加2姜片,冰糖 共煮40分钟以上。
功能: 健脾,清热,利尿, 让身体从小便排出有害物。

钟医师与你们分享,请帮忙把简讯发出去。 谢谢您

Have a healthy days ahead folks!


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