Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Coping with hazy days

Hi folks!

With the yearly haze hitting our shore once more, there's a number of things we could do:

1. Shop groceries online - this helps a lot as i cook more often at home esp. during the haze. This way, we could stay indoor and avoid the haze.
2. Cook and eat at home - reduces the exposures of the haze and unhealthy food.
3. Have indoor activities for the children (will share more about this in next blog post)
4. How about working from home? This is still a dream to be...which will be even more ideal if children could study online and do not need to brave the haze to go to school!
5. Hang my laundry at home..gee..having an indoor dryer will be ideal otherwise you will see lotsa clothes around the living room

Here are some of the ways we try to cope with hazy do you any good tips to share? Some friends said book an air ticket to haze-free country for holiday..well this would be ideal if money and leaves are not an issue..otherwise we just had to think of some ways to cope with hazy days the best we could.

Cheers for now!

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