Friday, September 18, 2015

Indoor Activities during Hazy days - Baking

Hi folks!

During the hazy days and we happened to run out of bread (and food actually as we did not go out to replenish our groceries during the hazy weekend). Thus, i found some bread flour and some very ripe bananas and voila, we end up baking some stuff for our breakfast and teatime.

We've made some focacia bread with the breadmaker and bake some whole-wheat eggless bananas muffin (yummy). I googled and found the recipe from this website.

Now, this is yet another lovely indoor activity we can do with our kids at home during the hazy days!

Kids and adults can get so restless when they don't get to go out in the sunshine and nature, do you agree?  Now, what do you do with your kids during the hazy days? Please do share :)


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