Thursday, September 17, 2015

Indoor Activities during Hazy days - Jenga

Hi folks!

Recently I participated in the Jenga Games competition in my company. It's my first time ever participating in a game quite new to me. I've seen people playing it but I have not try playing it myself.

Thus, after having a round of practice with two colleagues (one of the them was the champion of the Jenga Game in our company last year), I got the hang of it.

During the competition day, I've had a tough game and my competitor is a guy! Now, not all guys have such meticulous skill to play Jenga well and my opponent sure is a good player here.

I find the Jenga really helps to build up patience, being calm and steady and also being clear-headed to think of the strategy or next step.

After playing the game, i got hooked and got my own set of "local" Jenga set to play with my family. To my surprised, they knew about the game and play it outdated I am!

So, during the hazy days when we skipped the swimming class and we played Jenga game together instead.

From the Jenga, you can also find out what type of skills your children has. Whether they are the hasty and impatient type, or one who strategy, careful and patient type.

Interesting discovery for me indeed.

So, are you bored at home during hazy days or running out of ideas what to entertain yourself/ your family members, especially children? Why not get yourself a Jenga set. It's a way for me to "detox" from the watching too much how long can we glued ourselves on the screen?

Let's get active and play some indoor games together!


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