Friday, September 11, 2015

Renewing Insurance and Road Tax the easy, fast and cost-saving way

Hi Folks!

As road tax is expiring soon, i was checking out some options to renew my road tax.

Since i still have some time, i went around checking out how people are renewing their road tax nowadays.

Many still use the older method by going through the bank, their insurance agent, or their own runner or even do it themselves at the physical shop and later on at the post office for their road tax.

I recalled having seeing a 10% rebate for renewing insurance online, thus I gave it a try. Really superb i must, easy, convenient and save money too (10% rebate).

I just followed the steps, filling up the form at Motortakaful. The system will check for you your NCD, your current market value for your car, etc. All you need to have at hand is:

1) Copy of Motor Cover Policy from previous Insurance/Takaful Institution or
2) Copy of Cover Note from previous Insurance/Takaful Institution or
3) Copy of Vehicle registration card

And you can pay via:
1) Credit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD)
2) FPX Internet Banking

Super fast. After I have fill up the necessary details and submit my payment online, I will be able to print my e-cover note and the system will also provide me a link to myeg to renew my road tax. Once done, i get the confirmation that my transaction is successful and for payment and transaction conducted before 1pm, we can get the road tax on the same day (T&C applies) i did it after 1pm, but fine, i still get my road tax pretty fast, the next day around 11.30am I received my road tax. Very efficient I would say. We even get to check or track the delivery from this site just like those parcel delivery. 

Is your road tax expiring soon, why not give this a will only take you 10 minutes i would say for the whole process.

Will try for my DH's car next round :)

Glad to found a very efficient service in Malaysia which improving i would say! Thumbs-up for them!

Cheers to a good weekend folks!

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