Friday, September 11, 2015

Agile Parenting

Hi folks!

Weekend is coming, what have you planned for your family this weekend?

Talking about family, i would like to share something I've listened and found rather interesting and is also something i would like to adopt and implement in my own family. Before i proceed..let me share the idea with all of you here (also for my own reminder)...something called Agile Programming for the family.

You can check out the idea for this at Tedtak here:

Also, I just read an article wrote by Daphne Iking (I've been reading her blog since i had my first child from Baiboo magazine) and i felt it rather meaningful. Do check her article here if you're interested to learn how she make her children to be more appreciative and grateful of what they have.

May you have a lovely and fruitful weekend with you famiy folks!


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