Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Updates on the 3 little angels

Hi folks!

It's been a long time since I post up any updates on my 3 little angels bestowed by the Creator.

Let's start from the youngest, a.k.a. the Mr. DIY.

As the age of 2, i would think he's now in the mode of Mr. DIY. He would want to try everything and does everything on his own.
If you ever helped him up over the staircase and slope, etc, he would walk back down and do it by his own.

Everything he wants to do it on his own, i.e. eating, drying himself after a DIY shower/bath, putting on his own clothes, etc. And the fact that
he only turns into what people called the  "Terrible Two" only when he is being denied the freedom and trust to do things on his OWN!
So, I get it and thus only offered him help when he requested and needs one. And this actually helps a lot in both ways. He gets to explore his abilities to do things on his own and
for us, we avoided the meltdown and even get to eat along together rather than taking turns to feed him and eat our meals, etc.

So all in all, we learnt to let him explore "safely".

At the age of 7, he seems to be in the world of routine, discipline and a bit up to mischievous at times and also demands fairness.
He still has not figure out time very well, thus when you tell him to do something at certain time, we need to do it by sequence of 
his routine rather than using the clock. For e.g., you need to finish up your breakfast and quickly change into your swimming attire
so that you get to play in the pool before your swimming coach arrives(which is what he adores doing weekly).

He has overcame his fear of water and has been able to swim a full lap which is something I can see him truly enjoyed which also 
boost up his confidence in himself. Not giving up after few months like his drum lessons, he persevered in his weekly swimming lessons.

Overall, I felt he is slowly beginning to grow up with his own character and with a very caring heart.

At the age of 9, she's growing up to be a very dependable, considerate and sporting young lady. She is one who i could count on
to take care of her little brother while i do some cooking, etc...willingly and with lots of love and care (and fun too! ZS adores her).

She is very much into ballet, dancing, make-up, hairstyling and also High School Musical cum singing. She's always full of music and always 
have a dance routine in her mind. We see that in her when she started shaking her bum bum at 11 months old even before she learned how to walk.

I am very proud of her and really admire her fun-loving and carefree spirit. I hope she continues with her good-loving nature and kind heart.

This is all the short updates on the three little angels/gifts in our family.


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