Monday, December 28, 2015

Company Dinner 2015

Hi folks!

I've always love to attend my company dinner even though I missed some which happened late at night or...over the weekend with overnight stay (i.e. Team Day) when i had young baby at home waiting for me.

This year, we had our company dinner at a rather cosy and chill Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

And guess what, I met the young homeschooler whom I have been following their news after reading a book from their mom and from the stories from websites and newspaper. I am very much interested in homeschooling despite not having the capacity to have it for my kids (yet), thus have been following news and progress of this homeschooling family.

And, Amrita, that the emcee introduced her as the youtube sensation was invited to our company dinner to perform. Finally I get to hear her sing in person. I've followed her news whereby she compiled a CD to raise fund to go a music event in Nashville (pretty remarkable I would say). Her voice is really very soothing and nice. Feel proud for this lovely gal.

I've always have a secret wish to let my kids follow the unconventional and happier way of studying and seeing these homeschoolers blossoming well really excites and encouraged me.

Back to my company dinner..our theme for this year is's my costume which i recycled from my ex-company event which is "pirate" as well..

Even though I did not get any lucky draw gifts, but I did receive some cash reward for winning the Team activities happened recently whereby our group's superhero comic won the first prize(yey!!).

And here's my vegetarian dish at the Italian restaurant: entree (salad), risotta and mushroom soup(not in the picture). I must say it tasted good if not awesome. Am always grateful to have my special diet catered for in any events like this. More so, this round, around 7 other non-full time vegetarian colleagues opted for vegetarian option as well. I was told that it happened to be 15th of the lunar calendar whereby most Buddhist would observe vegetarian diet on the day and also partly perhaps some people just chose a safer option as they don't take beef. Whatever the reason, i am happy that more people are choosing vegetarian option in team activities like this. The more the merrier and the more they will not overlooked or forgot me (as it happened often!).

The picture do not make any justice(once more..i really need a good digital camera or smartphone with awesome camera feature!). But they tasted awesome! As usual, my non-vegetarian colleagues would always or often envy and wished they have chosen vegetarian option instead. I was served at my table instead of having to queue at the buffet table and i heard they non-vegetarian option taste just so-so. Anyhow am thankful that these places cater for vegetarian like me!

Hopefully next co. dinner, i get to be luckier each time..haha..till the next co. dinner...


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