Thursday, December 31, 2015

Retrospective of 2015 and Resolution for 2016

Hi folks!

2015 is soon coming to an end, it's time again to retrospect on what gone on well and what's not going too well in 2015 and draft out my resolution for year 2016. This has been my yearly practice..

Positive Highlights:
  • Changed daycare which provide vegetarian meals and scripture study for children (which has been great for their soul and mine too! Spend less time preparing their lunch packs and more time ...doing..??)
  • Trying to be more organised, spontaneous and efficient than last year
  • I would say it would ends in high note if i spent my 3-week year end break in a fruitful way...with my main objectives to be - fulfilling dreams of my kids and mine (yippee..will blog about it in separate blogpost

Items to buck up (this list shall be my 2016 To Do List):
  • Though less hurried with no lunch packs to prepare, i still lacking in energy to go through my intended nightly one-to-one, heart-to-heart talk with my children and yet to implement my daily "scrum" a.k.a. agile parenting with my kids
    - Start daily yoga/exercise (target: fit enough to rejoin those 10km runs at least)
    - Weekly jogging, ice-skating, ball games, cycling or swimming with kids
    - Juicing and Detoxing
    - Discipline: Meditate every morning, Reflect every night and implement my daily scrum and heart-to-heart talk with kids
  • Use less of my credit cards
    - Implement envelope system
    - Cut or Keep one of the card at home and use debit card instead(during emergencies for unplanned expenses)
    - Stick to an agreed budget
  • Declutter my life
    - Declutter: Bookshelves, wardrobe, fridge, kitchen cabinets, e-mail list, FB friends.
    - Focus on important then do the others.
  • Sincere communication (with myself, family and others)
    - Heart-Mind-Action to tally (speak my mind..politely). Do not say what you don't truly mean.
  • Keep mind, house, finance, relationship (working and tidy)
    - Routine housekeeping, all things returned to where it belongs, open and Just DO IT!
    - Pick up and Restart my hobby : learn German, Guitar and read more!

2016 resolutions:
The above To Do Lists shall be my guidelines...improving family, health and relationship overall..will draft out any other items and add on accordingly.

What are your list? Could you share with me how do you create your lists?

Hope everyone will succeed in continuous growth in their spiritual and physical bodies.


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