Monday, January 18, 2016

Confession and Slow Down

Hi folks!

I have a confession to make. I have always thought i am a parent who doesn't like be Tiger Mom or Helicopter Mom.

However, it is not enough, I find myself always hurrying my kids around and have no patience or tolerance for slowness or
lack of discipline.

This morning, I woke up at 5.30am, preparing myself for the day while waking my daughter up (she's in morning school and needs to be ready for her
transporter by 6.35am), I got so upset when I found out that KY has not packed her school bag despite saying "Yes" yesterday when i found her playing on her iPad or 
even doing her artwork(her first love!).

I told myself to calm down and let her pack her bag in peace. However, when clocks ticks away at 6.25am, she's still packing her bag. On her To Do List before being rushed off
to school, she has to wear her uniform, tie her hair (to a neat bun as required by the chinese school for any children who kept their hang long).

I just couldn't hold my tongue and starts lashing on her. How could she be so lack of discipline and despite my umpteen times of checking with them the day before. In my house,
I've set the rules, bags must be packed before any entertainment activities can be done. Thus, I am fuming mad when such trust is broken.

I felt very upset even at this point of time typing about this.

And i found this Tedtalk really helpful. I think I couldn't use "force" or "scolding" to change the way my child behaves. I have to change ...starting from myself.
To have more patience and to slow down.

I hope you all will find benefits, much thought-provoking reviews and inspirations from this Tedtalk as well:

Cheers to a happier and slower day for us all!

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