Thursday, January 14, 2016

Never underestimate children

Hi folks!

After the long holiday break, I noticed that ZS vocabulary really grows a lot!

He not only can understand what i've been repeating to him, things that happens around him during the holiday, 
he's also well aware of things he should take note of.

One day, at his daycare there is a kid celebrating birthday and obviously he took some of the cakes and admitted
to me."My neck is itchy, i cannot eat cake, got eggs."

I am truly amazed at his memory and the fact that he's absorbing what we've been telling others and indirectly to him all these while.

And, he also been repeating the events and activities that he has gone through during the holiday up till now...he still repeats
every night to me that "Aunty brought me to see Merry Christmas! I sat on the train, etc etc.."

Never underestimate young children, how much they absorb like a sponge. So give them all the goodness we can.

Happy Parenting folks!

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