Friday, January 22, 2016

New Year New Me

Hi Folks!

The status i am placing on my IM now is Veränderung in German, which means change.

Change is inevitable in life...more so in this Monkey year..yeah..i am indirectly revealing my age here. Truly, as I aged, i find my metabolism slowed down a lot. I need to regained my energy by changing my diet, habits and lifestyle.

Started to eat proper meals(no how many of you is the "MPSJ" of your family? I am..and last weekend after attended a Health Talk called "Diet of the New Era", something their speaker said strikes me...anything that is excessive (including overeating and things which our body couldn't digest) is considered toxins to our body.

In this era where our food, air and environment are so polluted, we can start reducing the toxins our liver needs to clear from very basic steps, by not overeating, and of course eat healthier and greener (fresh food, less processed food...will share more in another blog entry of all the inspirations I've got from the talk).

So folks, today I just put on my jogging shoes and off i went to the nearest gym near my house. It FEELs so good to be sweating again....really...i hope I can keep the momentum going....and it feels great to act on my aspirations this year...New Year New Me...

How has the start of the year been for you? It's not too late to "Just Do It!" let's continue to be our better self each day..


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