Saturday, April 30, 2016

Self-weaning for ZS

Hi folks!

In another 2 weeks' time, ZS will be turning 3. And he has self-weaned from mom's milk roughly 1-2 months' ago. And he's now completely *off* without any dramas or tearful "farewell.

Recalling my older two kids weaning process weren't that "easy".

The first child was the hardest and also the earliest. KY had her teething pretty late. She only started teething badly upon her 1 year old birthday. At time point of time, pretty stressful for our family family as well coping with relocation, new job, new workplace and for her, new babysitter cum teething.

She had it pretty hard and as I couldn't pump as frequently as I could at the new workplace, the supply went drastically downhill at superb speed. Coupled when she's having bad teething, she would often pulled hard at the nipple to fasten the milk flow. Much to her disappointment and frustration, the flow didn't flow out fast as she would expected as the supply has gone done.

So gradually we had a tearful farewell to breastfeeding as she turns 1.

As for the second child, SE, he latched on the longest even though there wasn't much supply left. He continued latching till he turned 3. I have started telling him that he's a big boy now, when he blows the candle at 3, he should stop having his mommy's nen nen (a.k.a. milk), this repeated message seems to work. Roughly a little after his 3-year old birthday, he started to self-weaned too.

I would say the process went on easier from first child to the last child. ZS is the longest fully-breastfed child i had. He was fully-breastfed till 2 years and 10months whereas the older two kids are only fully-breastfed till 6 months old and then turned on to mix-feeding (supplemented with soy-based formula) when the supply couldn't cope with their demand.

So, ZS is considered a lucky child. And he also quite special to us being the youngest. Due to his allergic to eggs, dairy, penicillin antibiotic  and pretty bad eczema and respiratory condition (he was hospitalized twice at age of 5-months and 11 months for broncho-pneumonia), he's on oatmilk now and off eggs as well. And due to his respiratory condition, i was being introduced to the marvelous natural immunity and well-being chest of medicine of the nature, i.e. essential oil. I would love to share more how i used it for my kids' sinus issue, my blocked/running nose problems, women hormone-related issues as well for my active cheerleader cum ballerina often sore muscles rescuer by using essential oils.

I started trying it out when my sister whose son was often on nebuliser as well due to his respiratory condition passed me some very precious drops of essential oil to try out on my son. There were twice when he had serious whooping cough and another time having croup, i applied diluted essential oil on his feet and he managed to sleep soundly and next day no longer having that sound from his chest. I am a happy and convinced mom. Thus, i started to research into the benefits of using essential oil for well-being. My initial thought is to prevent the next hospitalization occurrence for him. It was really tough for me having to see him crying non-stop each time he sees the nurse in blue uniform at every temperature reading, nebuliser sessions as well as medication time, not to mention the heavy dose of antibiotic put on drips for him as he would vomit out the antibiotic fed to him.

ZS taught me a lot being a mom really. He would say thank you, please and give me a hug very generously without asking. And he has a very strong character and is a very independent child as well.His eczema taught me a lot about using less chemicals at home from the floor cleaner, his laundry detergent, less plastics usage, organic cotton clothing, organic vegetables (sourced at an affordable price) and also to slow down. I just loved sitting down with him with a book at night or play his toys together.

I am looking forward to more discovery with this lovely child of mine and the older two as well..

It's gonna be a long weekend break to folks in Malaysia, Happy Labor day to all!

Have a restful and lovely weekend folks!

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