Saturday, August 6, 2016

One pot nourishing porridge

Hi folks!

KY asking for steamboat last night thus we had steamboat for dinner with our(or my) new kitchen toy.

Didn't manage to capture picture cos was busy preparing and then eating. Steamboat dinner is supposed to be "interactive" with lots of chance to be proactive to scoop the ingredients we like to be cooked and also the time to mingle and chat while waiting for the ingredient to be cooked. One lovely meal if you have the time for slow meal.

And here is what I've made for breakfast pot nourishing porridge cooked with the leftover of fresh ingredient from the steamboat last night. Added some red dates and tong kwei for the extra nourishing. I find it very comforting to have some tong kwei and herbs especially after each menstrual cycle completed(ladies you will know what I meant) to replenish the Qi and energy.

Do what are you having for breakfast today during your lovely weekend?

Bon apetit!


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