Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Schooling days

Hi folks!

Lately, the Olympic games as well as seeing some shots of my former school great athletes brings back some nostalgic memories of the good old days.

Back then, my sister and I would represent our team and eventually school in sports events. It is certainly much more fun compared to studying in the classroom all day.

I love running in the field and alas lying on it and look at the sky after each practice session. Not to mention the privilege to take time to practice while others are studying in the classroom.

KY is just like me, she loves all these co-curricular activities more than her schoolwork.

She would joined robotics, cheer leading, ballet, gymnastic, swimming, etc. That made her day. Whatever excite her or made her days are due to her getting the chance to participate these activities at school or after school.

I love my kids involved in all these physical activities besides having their usual routine and schoolwork.

Hopefully, they will enjoy these and have fond memories like i did.

Cheers to a happy schooling days....

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