Monday, September 19, 2016

My first solo trip after many years

Hi folks,

It's been quite a long time since I make a solo and personal trip (i.e. without my kids and DH).

Last two weeks, I have made a solo one-day trip to a nearby country to attend my classmate's wedding.

It was both refreshing and inspiring for my body and soul.

I think i hit my exercise quota in that single day. Never have I walked and sat so much for so long. I have sat in the plane for more than 2 hours, walked for few hours, took close to 5 hours of trains/lrt and an hour on bus all in a single day.

The usual me would probably travel there by car(driven by DH of course!).

I saw things I usually wouldn't otherwise noticing if i were to travel with children.

I saw these lovely children trolley at the airport as well as a handy light-weight wheelchair for our disabled friends.

I researched on public transports, duration of each transit, etc. It was all humbling and refreshing to be travelling on a budget trip ever since i finished college/university.

As I walked passed each places, I kept track of how I would travel to this place again with my daughter in our next mother-daughter trip that I hope to make.

I learnt to make the most of my short stay and short trip, while keeping to my budget.

Travelling alone gave me time to think, to introspect, to observe and of course to miss my family members (awfully lotss) and at the same time to look inside on that individual ME again.

This is just a beginning, i hope in near future I get to have do more of such trips, i.e. mother-daughter trip, buddy trip, siblings trip and maybe a second honeymoon trip with DH.

There sparks the travelling bug in me second passion after reading...

May I get the chance to travel more often in the future for a good cause!

Cheers and have a lovely days ahead!

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