Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bad experience with 11street seller

Hi folks!

I have been using some of the online selling apps for several purchases, like Lazada, Uniqlo, Shopee and 11street which offers some discounts code from time to time.

But, it comes with a risk, so do read the return, cancellation and refund carefully. 

I am very disappointed with my recent purchase of Biogreen O'Kid Oatmilk recently with this seller (when i bought from him i did not check on the reviews on this store), and when the parcel arrived..much to my disappointment...the can was BADLY-DENTED.

I took the image, reported to the seller, to 11street and even commented on this product page and this is the reply I am getting from the seller.

unreasonable...the packing is in good condition...

So, it's our bad luck then if your packing is good condition and yet the product still arrived in such BADLY-DENTED condition??? 

Even though i am in no position to teach a seller how to package his products, but being an experienced online shopper, i felt i should show him what a good packing looks like:
  1. Lotsa bubble wrap
  2. Leave no space in between the product and the box (as you never know how the shipping company handle your products, some may even being thrown about from one delivery point to another)
Here's an example how a good packaging looks like, bubble wrapped in hardboard paper, boxes and another plus point for customer, free samples!!!

And what did that seller who claimed his product is sent in good packaging? Merely put the product loosely enclosed with a polystyrene and directly into the Gdex envelope. If poor packaging is not the reason for the item to arrived badly-dented, then it must be they sent me a badly-dented can????

Either way, shouldn't the seller refund me in full? I have reported the case in the stipulated time frame for cancellation and refund and yet they state my request as UNREASONABLE. Bad customer service and truly disappointing. 

So beware when you're shopping online folks!

Hopefully no other victim falls into the same situation as i did.


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