Thursday, October 20, 2016

Letting go-Extra set of Young Living Dew Drop Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser

Hi Folks!

I have been using Young Living essential oils for almost two years now. I got to know the therapeutic benefits of essential oils after ZS got admitted twice in the hospital due to respiratory issues. Whooping cough, wheezing, and also for bronchopneumonia when he was 5 months and 11 months old (I still remember it was November and his lip turned blue on Deepavali eve). It is such scary experience for me.

After he was discharged, I tried many things, I bought the Medklinn , brought him to osteopath (yep the quite well-known and good-looking osteopath recommended by many mommies), brought him to see TCM (will share more about it in another post).

When my younger sister gave me some of her precious drops of essential oil the day before Chinese New Year, on the eve of CNY itself, ZA started wheezing again and most clinic near my in-laws’ place are closed then. Thus, I rub the essential oil on his sole during the night time and he managed to sleep better. The next day, the wheezing sound was gone.

I am very thankful to my sis who introduced me to the oils. As what I was informed by TCM really alarmed me. I shall share more about it in another post so that this won’t be such a lengthy post for you all to read.

The oils have also been helping the older two who often have sinus issues the moment they woke up every morning.  And, I have been using the diffuser in the kids room and even got a set of diffuser and lavender oils for my mom to help her to sleep better at night and she loves it as she could sleep better thus feel better during the daytime while taking care of my sisters' children.

Thus, folks, I have got an extra set of Young Living Dew Drop Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser to let go at MYR230 (retail price is about MYR373) for anyone who would like to get a set to try.

Create a good start for your health.


Extra set of Young Living Dew Drop Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser **SOLD**
Note: Do get your set here by signing up and get the oils at wholesale price for your family members too!

Condition: 10/10 (New)
FOC 1* 5ml Young Living Lavender essential oil
And 1* 5 ml Young Living Lemon essential oil 

Postage can be arranged at buyer's cost/ COD- Puchong/Bangsar South/Sri Petaling

Do leave me a comment if you like to get this set of very good products to have at home, office or yoga/training places.


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