Friday, October 21, 2016

My good experience with Easyparcel

Hi folks!

If you have read my bad experience with an online shop here, to be fair, there are also good online stores/companies I have come across being an avid online shopper; be it air tickets, groceries, food, clothing, baby items, electrical items, mobile phones, computer parts, you named it.

I have tried buying online for many different items, ranging from different companies; both overseas and locally. There are companies which I would certainly go for the second round as well as recommending them to others. There are also companies or online sellers which are a sure-no-go for me.

As online seller, you have to maintain a good reputation to have recurring business. People would spread news (good or bad) about your products and services fast and far across the world with the use of social media, etc. With the mushrooming of online stores, we, customers are spoiled for choice, why would we want to patron a store which gives us bad service or impression?

Kudos to those sellers who delivers promptly, refund promptly and trust-worthily (with not much hassles), provide products which are true to what they are advertising online, would go the extra mile to provide free samples, vouchers and even provide useful guides on how to use their products.

Once, I need to send a rather fragile and important (and bit costly item) to my friend as I do not have time to drive to her place (even though it’s at Klang Valley) and hand it to her directly. I have come across this company called easyparcel sometime ago which provides the option of fetching the item from my place (regardless of the volume) and it has a few courier companies under its flagship, you can find poslaju, skynet, etc. So, I thought of trying out this company and check out their service.

Being inexperienced in shipping a parcel myself, yeah usually i am at the receiving end, i love receiving parcels as it felt like Christmas everyday (haha), and being a first-timer using the service, I didn't know that I have to prepare the envelope of the chosen shipping company myself. As I do not have any of the skynet envelope, i checked with the skynet staff whether he has any to spare that i could perhaps buy from him when he came to my place for collection. He said no worries the staff at the office will do it for you. I was a bit surprised and taken aback but being the easily trusting person I am, i am very much-relieved and took the staff's name and signature on the collection form before passing my parcel to him, nicely-wrapped up in a box with bubble wrap and waited in anticipation.

Being a first-time user of easyparcel and also skynet, of course i have my worries. Thus, i checked on many reviews online and to my dismay, there are bad reviews than good ones.

Thus, when my parcel did not arrived safely and punctually the next day, i am obviously getting rather worried. The first tracking error code did not indicate the reason why the parcel did not arrive safely.
Note: I feel the tracking system should have a link at least to show what each error code represent.

Next day, I found the code has some description, it stated "delayed due to weather condition", obviously as the delivery person is using motorbike.

Giving them the benefits of doubt after verifying with my friend if there's any bad weather condition the day before. Indeed it was raining quite heavily at her place. So, again I waited for the resend, finally at the end day, the parcel arrived safely and also placed nicely in the flyer.

Now, that is obviously better than what has been said about this courier company. At least my experience with easyparcel throughout the whole ordeal is a good one. Their online support is responsive and helpful. But, skynet contact no. is not reachable.

All in all, i can't say skynet is the best courier company until i have more deliveries with them and also other courier companies before i could really compare between their services, but the fact that i don't have to travel to their physical office and that the user-friendly easyparcel website is a good experience for me.

So, folks, if you have a parcel to send, why not give it a try at easyparcel, what's more with the free MYR25 credits, it's a great time to try out their service for FREE!

Happy Shopping and Parceling folks!


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