Sunday, December 18, 2016

Reference Guide on natural wellness

Hi folks!

When i first starting discovering the natural effectiveness with essential oils, i started investing in few books to help myself to learn more on how to make full use as well as incorporate this natural regime in my family.

Below are some of the books which I invested and learnt a lot from them too.

  • Essential Oils pocket reference

This is the first book i bought which in turned helps me (and few of my friends) a great deal, eczema, nose bleeding, fever, muscle pain, bruises, etc. It has helped me during emergencies and my trusty first aid guide.

  • Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide

This book has protocols which are tested and meant for more serious ailments.

  • Taming the Dragon Within

This is a great book for woman. I come to learn more about how hormone balance is so important to a women's day-to-day sanity and physical wellness.

I strongly recommend anyone of you who are interested to know more about essential oils to get hold of one of these books. 


Note: You can drop me a message too if you like to know more about the books and where to get them!

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