Thursday, December 8, 2016

What do I wish to Release?

Hi folks!

One of the steps in Aroma Free Technique is to think back of past negative feelings that is stopping us from moving forward with our goals and intention.

As I practice the AFT, I noticed the recent news of colleague being pregnant(a good news indeed) brings back fearful memories of the past where I had to cover for another team member for 6 months and during that time it was the peak of many product releases. I was working through the wee hours even woke up at 2-3am to finish the pending backlogs.

It was a very stressful time for me as I am still breastfeeding ZS then, still expressing at work and I don't have enough rest coupled with the stress, I fell sick a lot until the panel doctor asked if I am under a lot of stress lately that affected my immune system.

I felt stressful(for all the added load and the constant rush), I felt guilty(for not being able to fulfill my own job on time while covering for others), and lastly I feel distressed and unappreciated when after all I did covering and doing two-person work...all I get is - I am not meeting my own KPI(how to meet when you are always rushing to meet two person's work?), question on why am I falling sick often? (Doctor said with all my healthy diet and young age; plus the test that shows I have a 18-year old metabolism age), I shouldn't be falling sick that often.

I felt I am doing unappreciated work. All I get are blames, questions and jeopardize my own sanity and my own performance as covering work for others is not one of my KPI list.

Now with another teammate going on 3-month maternity soon...again I can felt the old feelings came back to haunt me. The feeling of being trapped alone with nothing but expectation. Unappreciated and uncompensated effort...

I truly hope I can manage and deal with it better this round. I do not and I know I cannot allow the history repeat. I know I can do it! It's all UP to me and God.

Release from the past stress, anger, fear and can do it!

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Cheers to a more fulfilling life free of baggages from the past!

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