Thursday, December 8, 2016

What would you pack into this handy case?

Hi folks!

After getting myself an early Christmas present yesterday in the form of this 10-oils case, I start thinking if I were to pack oils into this handy, and definitely going to be my pack-N-go case, what oils will I be putting in it.

And here comes to my selection of oils. You can see one side are handy oils for the kids and another side of the oils is for my practice of Aroma Freedom Technique(AFT) daily.

Oils for kids:
1. Digize- For tummy discomfort, indigestion
2.Lavender- trusty first aid that is mild enough for children, great for burns, insect bites and insomnia(with calming effect)
3. Thieves- immune booster, cleansing of airborne microorganisms(if you have heard of the origins of this oil from the 15th-century thieves who robbed the bodies of the dead and dying; they used this blend to avoid contracting the plague!)
4. Peppermint - handy oil to have when we have headache, feel lack of oxygen to our brain, nose blocked and even backache or tummy & muscle discomfort 
5. RC- this is my go-to oils for cold, sinus, running nose

1. Release Mixture- stressAway+ Frankinsence and Lavender
This is the Release Mixture used in step 6 of AFT.

2. Grounding- oil that I used at the beginning of AFT to put me right on track with the AFT

3. Innerchild - oil used in step 7 after Release Mixture when there are haunting memories to be release and let go which happened in our life

4. Believe- the oil to be used in the last Step of AFT- Affirmation and Power Pose. 

My today's AFT session, I have made one goal, one of it is to share this lovely post with all of you and another one is to move forward with my creativity and potential. 

My reward : to try another lovely oil- TRANSFORMATION

Hope to practice AFT daily and shift my negative feelings or energy to a more positive ones at all times.

Now what oils would you pack if you only have 10 spots to fill?

You can PM me if you are interested to know more about Young Living Essential Oil. I am happy to share with you~ :)

Alternatively, you can also easily sign up as member and enjoy the oils at member price and get some freebies too. It's very simple!


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