Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What shampoo do you use for your kids?

Hi folks!

I have been trying to move to healthier and less chemical option in terms of household and kids items.

KY who needs to maintain long hair and tie a bun everyday to school and ballet. And long hair tend to entangle easily and it can be quite a challenge for me to help to tie her hair without hearing the oooo- ouch from her.

But ever since I got her the Young Living Kidscent shampoo, her hair is just smooth and silky. Tieing hair for her is such a breeze now!

Before we use this brand of shampoo, she used to "steal" my adult shampoo and conditioner which is of course full of chemical-laden stuff...

So I am going to stock up these shampoo for her to make my day easier and hers healthier too!

If you are interested to know more about Young Living Essential Oil. I am more than willing to share with you.

Alternatively, you can also easily sign up as member here and enjoy the oils at member price. It's very simple!


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