Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lovely gift from my 3-year old

Hi folks!

Today when he got home, he was "hiding" in the room with his sister..and out they came with some surprises for mommy they said.

ZS couldn't wait after dinner to present me the "surprises" he had for me and he just gotta show me prior to finishing his meal.

Such lovely craft made with love ❤️ from ZS, with the guide from his older sister.

I am so blessed to have his sister doing some art and craft with her.

As I spoke to a mommy today brings up some old memories of the time I used to make homemade play dough, make pizza and muffin with kids,etc, but I find that lately I haven't been spending much time doing some creative stuff with kids! Now what have I been busy with?

Very glad and thankful to have very passionate and enthusiastic mommies friends around me who often reminds and inspires me of these short and lovely moment which I should cherish with my children.

What are you busy with lately that steal the time away from your kids?
Gadgets? Work? Korean Drama? Let's all off the electronic gadgets and spend more time discovering the creativity and inner potential in our children and revive the inner child in us?

Cheers to a lovely and fruitful weekend folks!

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