Monday, February 6, 2017

My Self-Aspirations in year 2017

Hi folks!

There are things we have to have perseverance and consistent effort to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

Here are the little steps I aspire to do this year:
1. Always have bed-time story or one-to-one heart-to-heart(applicable for DH) talk with my kids(and DH) no matter how tired I am. [it's the most cherish moment of their day and mine too!]

2. Always greet people I meet (hugs and bow) as appropriate according to person, culture and relationship(strangers, loved ones, colleagues, etc). [it's a way to show my respect and acknowledge their presence and our affinity of meeting each other]

3. Always talk, react and act with love and care. [no matter how annoyed, impatient or tired/disappointed you are, cos you cared thus you are feeling all these negatives feelings inside you; and you have the chance to choose to react with love and care no matter what happened. Everyone is facing enough "bad" days and stress. Choose to act with love and care even to your own self. Do it!]

4. Be fit. Make time to exercise, to be with nature, to communicate with Universe, to lead a healthy lifestyle(physically and mentally, detox daily( do not have any leftover unhappiness /grudges for the day; let go) to face and enjoy the assignment/journey/adventures bestowed for the day.

5. Take deep breathe, calm down, listen and smile. Give your best shot and create memories, inspirations and battery to spur you along

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