Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rescue aid for tummy discomfort

Hi folks!

Once again the oils saved my day(or shall I said night ...) and this time around during our festive season...we had it once during the first day of CNY where ZS suffered from wheezing cough two years ago and the essential oil I carried with me saved us from rushing to the hospital.

This time round, on third night of CNY, after we came home from my in-law place, KY was complaining that she couldn't walk and having terrible tummy ache. DH had to carry her back home from our car park. 

After giving her some warm water to sip and applying peppermint on her tummy, she is fine for awhile but later on complained of extreme pain again at 1.50a.m.

I almost wanted to send her to the hospital seeing her in such a great pain that she couldn't lift up her leg(at first I thought it was appendicitis but from the location she pointed to me, it doesn't look like appendicitis to me..but I do not want to take the risk thus I suggested to KY that I shall send her to the hospital since there's no clinic open at this hour and during public holidays too!)

But KY having witness the episodes of hospitalization of ZS at wee hours during the holidays, the agony of waiting and sitting in pain on hospital chairs, not to mentioned the needles poking etc, said no I don't wish to go hospital.

So, I quickly took my Essential Oil reference guide to check on the protocol for stomach pain and cramps and found oils like ginger(thank God I stocked up a 5ml of this oil!) and Digize could help. So I add diluted(50:50) 5-6drops of ginger on her tummy and continue with hot compress. Also, I applied diluted Digize on the stomach vitaflex on her foot as advised in the guide. Soon, she fell into deep sleep..I think too tired from the pain she endured the entire night. I also diffuse peppermint essential oil to ease her pain and to help her to breathe better.

She slept till noon the next day and ate two big bowl of porridge. Thank God and thanks to the essential oils and the knowledge on the oils I have obtained throughout the years of application, reading and sharing from others.

Today she's back at school after the CNY break.

Thankful for to the power of plant and nature!

Now I learnt to always bring my essential oils along with me on my trips. And Digize and ginger are definitely a must and great helper for tummy discomfort during our travels and during the festive feasting!

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