Sunday, April 30, 2017

Inspirations from Skytrex Challenge

Hi folks,

After a trip to skytrex extreme challenge at Shah Alam, I learnt some lessons while I was surrounded by all the greenery and i would love to record it down here for my own reflection and also sharing with all of you.

1. When we face with challenges, just take deep breathe, continue the steady steps and just Go for it! Knowing in our heart there are people who have done it, if they can do it, so can you. Just follow closely behind. And even if there is no one started on the journey, pioneering is always tough, but worth all the efforts! Don't give up halfway as you are leaving behind footprints for others who are watching with hope.

2. In life, there's a lot of circumstances where there's no turning back. You can only march forward bravely knowing that you are watched and guarded by someone from above(just like how we are somehow protected by all the harness that was fixed on us right at the beginning).

3. At each difficulty/challenges, we can choose to give up(without trying) or we can just give one more try with ALL our might. It's our choice. At the extreme challenge there are 3 "chicken exit" for those who wished to chicken out and take the easy way out to end the challenge. In life, there are also people who might take the shortcut and end their life when faced with challenges. But ultimately what would left is regrets..most or if I may say.. ALL the time. So never give up without trying.

4. There will be people cheering for you from time to time. There will be times you are the only one left facing the challenge. At that time, you need to cheer for yourself. You need to be your best cheerleader during the "alone" moments in life.

5. Don't forget to admire and soak in the whole nature during the entire process. Soon, before you realise, the challenges have come to an end. Do not forget to enjoy the entire process of the challenge/ journey in life.

I am thankful for my teammate who has been encouraging me to go on this trip and thankful that I followed my heart to join the trip at very last minute(like 15mins before I have to start my journey driving to the destination in time). In life, when you wanted to do something, you will find every ways to achieve it. No matter how difficult, you will find ways to make it happen. But if you are not willing do it, you can find thousands of excuses for it. Like what a old Malay saying, "Nak seribu Daya, tak Nak seribu Dalih." Literally means, if you want, you will have one thousand might, if you don't want, you will have one thousand excuses :)

Have a fulfilling and fruitful weekend folks!

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