Thursday, April 20, 2017

Safer way to manage head lice

Hi folks!

Head lice is one issue which got me started using essential oil for my family. Blessing in disguise so to speak.

I first came across the usage of essential oil in this book called Growing Up Green! Baby and Childcare by Deirdre Imus. Thanks to my friend, Ai Lian, who hosted a giveaway at her online bookstore and I actually have the luck of winning this book. It opens up a new horizon for me as a new mommy then. Having grown up using all the more commonly-found over-the-counter solution, learning about how these simple, natural yet effective ways to manage the childhood issues like head lice is a great change for me.

When my daughter started learning ballet at age 5, and needed to keep her hair long, she had a head lice attack. Like how my mom would do when I was young, I went to pharmacy to get the "kutu"/head lice comb and the stinky head lice medicine that smells like herbicide. It was really smelly and poor gal I have to wrap her head with that stinky and toxic stuff for 30minutes before I can wash it off. And the smell stays on her for quite awhile.

The next head lice attack, I remembered having read in this book that I could use essential oils like rosemary, tea tree oil mixed with Virgin Coconut Oil(VCO) and wrap it for 30 minutes. This book also advice using rosemary shampoo to prevent getting head lice again. So I went to a nearby organic shop cum cafe to get all these items. Back then(6 years ago) I haven't heard of Young Living and there isn't much choice available for pure essential oil and those essential oil based shampoo. The bottle of tea tree oil I bought cost me MYR80 for a small bottle and it only contains very small percentage of tea tree oil and large percentage of alcohol and sugar cane(not sure why this ingredient was needed preservative?). But that was the start of my quest to dabble in natural and safer remedies for my kids and never look back ever since then.

So dear folks, if any of your family members or their children have issues with head lice etc, so try to a healthier, safer, natural alternatives(not to mention smells awesome too! Absolutely no resistance from my gal ❤️). And after that treatment, coupled with using rosemary shampoo and other essential oil-based shampoo, we never have any reoccurrence of head lice issue at home ✌️

Essential oils worked amazingly and prevention is better than cure! I am glad I found Young Living essential oil which is pure enough that I can even use it for my cooking!

Are you interested to find out more how about Young Living Essential Oils? Just give me a buzz and I am happy to share more with you.

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Cheers to a chemical free home!

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