Monday, May 29, 2017

Hunting for affordable running shoes

Hi folks!

I have another bucket list to check off this year that is to regain my energy and one of it is to by getting back on my running regime. As the sayings go, "Use it or Lose it!". If we stop pushing our body and making it work, it will then start to work less and there goes our energy level plummeted drastically.

And as I wore my running shoes after lying there lonely at the shoe cabinet and only see sunshine once in awhile, the base of the shoes gave way and I have to start my shoe hunting expedition.

And wow, never do I learnt so much about running shoes hunting.

Below are some of the tips I've got.
1. Check the expiry date from the labels.

From the label, you can see the manufacturing date of the shoes, in this pic it is Feb 2016. So this can be a guide if you do wish to get those shoes during sales. So check the manufacturing date if you don't wish to end up with old shoes that is not wearable few weeks down the road!

2. Base of the shoes
There are so many different technology used in each brands of good running shoes, we have gel type, cushioning, etc. If you are going to run 10km versus 42km, versus treadmill runs, all these requires different type of designs. For me as I will be starting with a 10km run on the road, I need to get something with 3-layer base with good grip for support and steady grip.

3. Where to get great deals?
My brother who is a serious runner shared with me a place called Mitsui Outlet near KLIA where we can usually get a good deal for many brands. However it might not be the latest model and might not have the size you want but definitely the price will be lesser than other places.

I do surf online to compare prices but I am someone who needs to wear the physical shoes before I feel confident buying it. So I went to SportsDirect Outlet and tested all sorts of brands and finally shortlisted 3. From the three models, I checked the price online and finally made my purchase at SportsDirect during their store wide 20% sales! Their salesperson is very helpful, patience and knowledgeable where I got many tips and advice as a newbie. I would definitely be back there with my kids to choose their sports gear!

So that's it folks! I've got my shoes and all ready to hit on the road! Are you ready?

Cheers to a healthy and fruitful holiday ahead!

(Sorry folks, this is a repost test to fix the formatting of the previous blog post And no, this is my own personal experience and did not get any payment from SportsDirect :) )

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