Monday, May 29, 2017

Creative Endeavour

Hi folks!

All human are born with a creative seed in us, with the Power of Creation. No matter in what field and which role we are playing, whether as a Stay-At-Home-Mom(SAHM), CEO, IT support staff, taxi drivers or even tea lady, we all marvels and stay "alive", fresh", "inspired" and "motivated" when we put on our creative caps and create something new, implement the ideas from our mind. It just makes us feel excited, alive and enthusiast once more.

Therefore, in the midst of our daily routine work, never forget to inject some so-called experiment, research and development and exploration of our ideas. It is what fuel us to continue our journey in life, exploring our adventures being a human.

This is what i felt being a full-time working mom, wife, children, employees....we all need to have a go with the ideas or eureka moments that appears in our mind...the Power of Creation...never let it dies off!

Anything, anytime can be a time, an opportunity for us to let our creative juices flow, whether is to create a new recipe, to try a different way of doing things, to create a surprise for your loved ones, to write, to draw, to cook, to nurture a new life habits that will change how we lived our lives..the possibilities is endless!

Cheers to an exploratory days ahead folks! Never stop inventing and creating!

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