Saturday, July 8, 2017

21 Days of Transformation Journal 1

Hi folks,

Remember i was sharing how i started practising Aroma Freedom Technique(AFT) and now i coupled it with a group of my friends whereby we promised ourselves to add one items we wish to add in our life per day and take out one item we wished to remove from our day.

So here's my list for my own reflection and record.
  1. Stop and Listen more, Multitasking and rushing less
  2. Persevere more, Procrastinate less
  3. Love more, Angry less
  4. Do more, Complain less
  5. Act more, doubt less
  6. Care and smile more, Scold less
  7. Speak from the heart more, hesitate less 
  8. Read more, TV less
  9. AFT daily, Junk food & waste time less 
  10. Just do it, No excuse or second thought 
  11. This list shall continue......
Shall post more on those I have implemented and what are the lessons learnt.

Will you like to join me on this path of transformation? Simply set aside sometime and decide on one action you would add in your daily life and one action to less/omit for the next 21days and commit to it...let's share our adventures together 👍

Sending lotsa love and prayer to our success in our transformation 🙏💕


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