Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Aid for chicken pox scar

Hi folks!

Tea tree oil also known as Melaleuca, this is one of the essential oil which I have bought and uses a lot!

When I had chicken pox during my 8th month pregnancy, imagine my entire big belly was so itchy and my face too. And some kind soul recommended that I use tea tree oil as it can reduce the itchiness as well as reduce scar.

So each time after shower, I would diligent use a cotton bud and apply the oil near on each of the dots on my face, belly, arms, etc. True enough, the itch was bearable and I am able to sleep. And today I am don't have any scar(since it's not itchy and I managed not to scratch) anywhere from the chicken pox that I had.

And today I have often use tea tree oil for my acne and also it is said to be able to reduce black heads 😊 i love the cooling sensation that comes from applying this oil. Plus it can also be used alternatively with diluted Thieves or lemon essential oils on the sole of school-going children to help in their immune system especially when the weather gets cold.

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