Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Discovery and mini culinary adventures

Hi folks!

I am not sure which stall started it, after I seen one of the vegetables stalls started selling bundles of vegetables at 3 bundles for MYR5, there are a lot of other stalls have started having that offer too. And usually it's the usual varieties. One day I stumbled upon this unusual vegetables(to me at least!) called Bentong Seaweed. Sounds very yummy and healthy to me. So off I went buying a bundle along with two other vegetables that my family loved like French beans and lettuce.

I asked the seller how should I prepare this vegetables, and she said just stir-fry it. I am feeling adventurous and in need of some comfort hot soup so I though to try it out with some noodles soup. Amazingly yummy when added with slices of ginger and vegetarian anchovies/mushroom stalk slices. Awesomely yummy I must say!

Love to explore more of these many types of vegetables that I have yet to try ..and looks very nutritious too!

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