Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rushy Day and Uncooperative toddler...what to do?

Hi folks!

Being a full-time working mom of 3 school-going children, it can gets rather challenging especially when you have a rather defiant toddler fighting with his equally defiant brother. My morning can be a warzone or a deaf-mode depending which mode I chose.

Often, i would get a melt-down toddler who refused to walk on his own when his wants are not met. What's more challenging is we are often running late...multiply the stress by many times...

Sometimes i get impatient and mad, at times i just try to mellow down and negotiate or speak to my beloved toddler nicely. Previously, when i find myself raging or getting mad, i can feel the pain in my heart. I don't get that of late. Not sure if using ylang ylang essential oil daily on my wrist and back of my neck daily has anything to do with it.

After getting a short haircut, my hair gets bit messy in the morning, so i checked and found out that cedarwood and ylang ylang essential oil helps to manage this dry and untidy mane. So i have been diligently applying these two oils every morning. It seems to calm my morning rush beside calming my "hair".

So, mommies out there, who often have power struggle with your children, i strongly recommend that you apply some ylang ylang essential oils as a layer of protection for your heart health. Also, it really acts well as our natural perfume too!

Am loving this new routine of mine while trying to have a more peaceful morning routine with my two bubbly boys.

Cheers to a calmer morning folks! Love to get any tips and tricks from y'all!

Note: If you like to know where to get the ylang ylang and cedarwood essential oils i am using, feel free to give me a message. Alternatively, you can also easily check out here how you could get those handy oils at wholesale price. It's just so simple to use!

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