Sunday, September 10, 2017

How to have a peaceful moment at morning rush hour

Hi folks!

Lately, my youngest has been rather "challenging" and cranky. He is getting more vocal and independant and having his own mind over his daily routine, from waking up, choosing his own clothes and buttoning up himself to making his own sandwich for school(yes and he's only 4).

If you ever want to give him a hand(out of your rush hour or simply just to avoid the mess).... mind you please seek his permission before even begin your assistance. Otherwise you will most likely experience a longer period of tantrums, uncooperative mode and worst defiant "kids" strike 🤦‍♀️ which will definitely prolong your getting ready-to-go-out time.

So I learnt to pick my "fights" and close one eye over little matters. Also I have restarted my happy 😊 oiling routine for him. Last time when he used to have nightmare or unable to sleep due to teething or maybe some events going round his life during the day time...I would dilute and apply peace and calming on him(if I managed to during his tantrum otherwise I would apply on me as I was carrying him to sleep then).

So these days before waking my "baby boss" up, I will first dilute peace and calming on my palm and apply on his chest and back. Next, is his tummy oil(I would either use Tummygize or diluted Digize) and whichever oil that meant for his comfort for the day. It can be Joy if he is especially cranky, Idaho Balsam Fir if he is having some cough or sniffles, etc.

So far it has been working. I get my magic words without asking.."Thank you mommy for bringing my shoes for me", "Thank you mommy for .this.. and that"...and at good times I get hugs 🤗 and kisses too 😘 phew..🙏❤️

I hope this peaceful departure to school will last as long as it can 😁

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Cheers and have a peaceful and fulfilling day!

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